GTA 5 XBox

GTA 5 XBox


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It has been said that GTA 5 will be relased in spring  2013.  Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released for Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 first, later will be a PC release too (almost certain).  It could be of interest since Sony is said to have purchased the right to have Grand Theft Auto V released exclusively for its PS3 before it will be released for XBox 360 and PC. This has happend in the past allready. Grand Theft Auto III was avialable for the PS2 quite some time before it came out for XBox 360 and PC.

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It’s going to be hot in Los Santos, soon…

On amazon the game is listed for all platforms hence it could well be that all versions will be released simultaneously. The XBox 360 version of the game is listed for 69.99€ same as the PS3 version making it 10€ more expensive than the PC edition. ( 59.99€ )

However, the PC edition is said to be released about two weeks after the XBox version. The Grand Theft Auto XBox version can be pre-odered on amazon already and the shop offers a service that refunds some of your money in case the game is released for less than their asking price or if the price of the game decreases in the first two weeks. This counts for all versions of Grand Theft Auto 5, not only GTA 5 Xbox.

Ready for another race in the city?

GTA 5 Xbox 360 will possibly be released on multiple discs. The game is again way too big for one XBox DVD. For PS3 only one Blu-Ray disc will be necessary. The time it will take to install the game on XBox 360 and on PS3 should be quite the same though.

GTA 5 Xbox 360 Trailer:

Rockstar has released a trailer early last year in which some of the new features were visible. There was a character playing golf which brings up the question as to how many new sporting activities will be available. Further there was a dog, so pets seem to be included in the game now, that makes a new penal system propable. Possibly with comunity service (Rockstar will make it fun, no doubt).

If you have trouble watching the Video in your country, just try a free vpn trial version to unblock the content.

Due to a wider variety of sports a new variety of online modes could be included, that is various sporting events that can be played online. Also a more eleborated choice of motor vehicles is now available. There was person driving a jet-ski in the trailer. It would make sense that all new features are availbe for gaming on XBox as well as the other platforms.

Special Features in GTA 5 Xbox?

Enjoying a great view..

It can now be asked wich new features can be downloaded exclusively for XBox 360 after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5.
New radio programmes are further to be expected. Since the game is set in the state of San Andreas hopefully a new programme of the country station ( KRose ) and the classic rock station ( K-DST ) maybe with new DJs and like before highly amusing dialogues and statements. Some contents may be blocked in some countries – you can use a VPN to unblock these.

yes, there are helicopters..

Judging by the high quantity of bugs that came with the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 4 the XBox 360 version of GTA 5 might run more fluently then the PC version. However Rockstar being the kind that learn from mistakes, a better adaption of GTA 5 for PC is surely the case this time.

.. and jet-skis aswell..

GTA 5 XBox: New Screenshots have been released:It has been a while since Rockstar Games released information on their next big hit. But the waiting is over, we have some brand new screenshots for your pleasure.


Relaxing at the beach after a hard day on the streets of Los Santos…


GTA 5 goes to (the) BattlefieldHere’s something hilarious: A recreation of the GTA 5 Trailer in the Game Battlefield.

Not GTA 5, but even more hilarous than the above video is this GTA IV parody: